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about us

The heart and soul of Ajaco Furniture lies in those who provide you with the promise of beautiful furniture. Our commitment to excellence has driven us to provide our great customers with almost two decades of promising service, inevitably lapsing to the communities near and dear, and those far and wide as well.

We are proud to provide our customers with Canadian-made products, which can be completely customized to their personal tastes. Personalization of bedroom suites can be accomplished through many factors such as wood, stain, and hardware. We are proud to offer a large range of woods, such as pine, oak, maple, popular, birch, and veneer. Along with this selection, our customers have the freedom to choose from a variety of different stains such as mahogany, pine, Early American, walnut, brandy, chestnut, heritage, and black stain. Hardware such as handles can be selected to add that special touch to your customized bedroom set!